I am honored to serve as the founding President of Mt. Calvary University. I conceived the idea of Mt. Calvary University after receiving a powerful Godly vision to establish a biblically based, academically enriched, and affordable Christian university.  Mt. Calvary will take seriously the ideas of the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, sound Biblical doctrine and scholastic excellence. I have humbly served for nearly twenty years in the North Carolina Public Higher Education System as a faculty member, and in various administrative positions including: associate vice president, vice president, and a college president.  My experiences with the community college and university systems have equipped me with administrative and leadership abilities that will enable me to lead Mt. Calvary towards achieving its goals for the twenty-first century. In addition, I have had the privilege of teaching at several private universities including Campbell University, Barton College, and Shaw University.

I have also served more than two terms as the youngest member on the Pender County Board of Commissioners of North Carolina.  The voters twice elected me to serve because of my commitment to the general welfare of others and the advancement of economic development, community and government relations.  I worked vigorously to engage the multi-cultural faith and interfaith communities to development a Human Relations Council to foster nonpolitical and racial cohesiveness. It is this excitement and team building that I bring to my post as the leader of this great University.  Whether you are considering earning a certificate, diploma, associates, bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree, you are entering Mr. Calvary University at an exciting time for we are making history in the Cape Fear Region. You will be a very important person in this work because you are helping to share the future of the University.  We are welcoming our first group of students and graduates who will share our story in our local communities and globally.

Mt. Calvary firmly believes that all students matter. Mt. Calvary University takes seriously the cross experience including the suffering as healing and the resurrection as hope for a better world and our eternal salvation.  Mt. Calvary University is transforming lives through the power of the Holy Spirit and a Christ centered education. It is the goal of Mt. Calvary University to prepare Christ centered graduates as a global witness in their respected religious vocation.  You have my commitment to a Spirit-filled education and academic excellence. Welcome to Mt. Calvary University!

With the Hope of Calvary,

Jimmy T. Tate

Jimmy T. Tate, Ed.D.