Dr. Jimmy T. Tate, a veteran educator and seasoned minister with passion for Christian education, received a vision to begin a university in rural Southeastern North Carolina, along the banks of the Cape Fear and the Atlantic Ocean.  Southeastern North Carolina has long been a fertile ground for the Christian church. Indeed, this is a strong Bible-belt area, as churches, small and great, dot the Coastal Plains era. This area has both a rich agriculture heritage and a growing population throughout many counties within the region.  In addition, the historic City of Wilmington, provides a metropolitan experience. It is the churches that help to unite this great region. Dr. Tate believes a learned clergy can help lead this region and state to wholeness. In addition, a Christ-centered workforce could contribute to the economic and spiritual success of the region.  While there are numerous colleges and universities throughout the state of North Carolina, our founder feels that a Christ-centered University can spiritually enhance the region. Mt. Calvary University will fulfill that need much like Calvary, of First Century Palestine served, as a beacon of hope, Mt. Calvary will serve as an educational beacon of hope, preparing leaders of the religion vocation.  We are now building our future in light of this vision. Whether in the church or community, our graduates will become a shining example of the ideas, works, and beliefs of Jesus.

In 2013, Dr. Tate submitted his plan and vision for Mt. Calvary University to the State of North Carolina’s Office of the Secretary of State. Over the next several years, he studied and gained higher education degrees and senior-level administrative experience within educational institutions and environments. In 2018, Dr. Tate revisited his vision with elevated levels of excitement and energy. The Mt. Calvary University planning team began consulting with seasoned divinity school educators to help pioneer the university’s success.  

The Mt. Calvary University history holds a richness, and its leaders look forward to Mt. Calvary University growing into a prosperous and highly regarded institution that will fill the gap in the shortage of qualified religious leaders throughout the state, nation, and world.  Mt. Calvary University realizes, that one of its core historical principles, is to ensure the development of a well-prepared religious workforce, equipped to study, research, and enter professions with unshakable Christian principles and foundations.